Key Bennett


This project is founded on a more playful re-imagining of the classic board game Clue. The weapons, locations, and characters have been conceptualized within this new spin on the game. This adaptation takes place in a middle school, where, instead of a murder occurring...

the school mascot's costume was found destroyed!




Queer Moments Calendar

7 Risograph Illustrations

Following a year in the life of a trans and gender non-conforming circle, the Queer Moments Calendar seeks to explore the smaller, more mundane things that frame what it means to be queer in our day-to-day lives.The calendar, as a format, allows the viewer to connect with the group and experience a year alongside them.

Before she fell asleep, she could've sworn there was something she was forgetting.

Doggy Playdate

Single page illustration

The goal of this illustration was to add an additional layer to the verbal story (“Before she fell asleep, she could’ve sworn there was something she was forgetting”) and create a secondary narrative that is told only through visuals.

Stylish Thievery

4 pages

A 'wordless' four-page story that explores the inherent younger sister's urge to steal her older sister’s clothes.


3 page comic

The overly confident Reese tells her friends about a new development with her crush.

The Deceptionist

12 page comic

Jaden visits the dentist.

Season 2 Episode 3

50 second lyric animation

Audio: Season 2 Episode 3 - Glass Animals

A 50-second animation following the life of a young adult who is too depressed to leave her room. Juxtaposed with bright colors and fun collage graphics, this lyric video explores an all-too-familiar experience of not knowing what to do with your life, so you do nothing at all.

Promotional Social Media Stills




At this point in my process, I ironed out most of the timing issues that originally arose - so it better reflects the actual final product. I also, later, decided to add an outro, so the ending felt less abrupt. I explored this in the Style Frames portion of the project.

Style Frames

The style frames started with handwritten text, but in the interest of time and better contrast, I opted for a bold Cooper Black-esque font. I also decided, instead of the textures overlaid on flat colors in the first two frames, to paste in full objects for a more exaggerated collage look, as shown in the last two.

Music Festival Promo

20 sec Animated Trailer

Audio: You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us in Prison - My Chemical Romance

Promotional Material (Poster and Trailer) for a fictional punk music festival Zonfiro.

Promotional Poster

Before she fell asleep, she could've sworn there was something she was forgetting.

Frankenstein Wine Label

10 sec Looping Promotional Motion Illustration

Party Time!!!

Collage Series

A series of illustrations collaged together from Key's sketchbook.


Key Bennett is an Illustrator based in Hamilton, Ontario. She specializes in digital illustration and traditional print making with a passion for art education.She combines graphic shapes, bold colors and textures to create a unique, dynamic, and playful body of work. She's also a graduate from Sheridan College's Honours Bachelor of Illustration program.Key thrives on finding creative solutions to visual problems, whether it be for her own illustrations or when guiding others through theirs. She finds charm in every step of the process and aims to help others find joy in creating as well.For inquiries, contact